What is Macular Degeneration?

Age Related Macular Degeneration, or ARMD, is a disease that permanently affects the center of your vision, called the macula. ARMD occurs later in life and can be hereditary. As a person ages, changes can occur at the macula that include thinning, pigment clumping, and scarring. These changes are usually slow to progress and are considered as the mild form or “dry” ARMD. The symptoms usually include gradual loss of central vision and distortions of straight lines. The more severe form of macular degeneration, or “wet” ARMD, can occur when there is a leakage of fluid beneath the layers of the macula from leaky blood vessels. This form causes severe vision loss in a quick amount of time.

There is no cure for ARMD, but research states that nutritional supplements may slow the progression down. If the “wet” form is caught quickly enough, laser treatment can halt the leakage of fluid and prevent further loss. Yearly eye exams are recommended to detect any macular changes.